JEE 2020 Yu et al.

Peili Yu, Junguo Shi*, Bert Sadowski, Önder Nomaler. Catching up in the face of technological discontinuity: demand structure and technological regimes in the transition from 2G to 3G in China.  


During technological discontinuity based on the transition from second-generation (2G) to third-generation (3G) mobile telecommunications, Chinese manufacturing firms were catching up with leaders in the global industry. Using computer simulation, the paper examines the extent to which heterogeneous demand structures and competitive regimes affect technological catching up. The paper shows that – during technological discontinuity – a slightly higher technological opportunity in combination with low appropriability and heterogeneous demand are vital for technological catching up. The complementary effects of demand within different regimes of Schumpeterian Mark I and Mark II models are discussed.

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Yu, P., Shi, J., Sadowski, B.M. et al. Catching Up in the Face of Technological Discontinuity: Exploring the Role of Demand Structure and Technological Regimes in the Transition from 2G to 3G in China. J Evol Econ (2020).

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